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Superlawn offers the very best in top grade synthetic grass for exterior and interior surfaces.

But there is a lot more to Superlawn than fake turf. Superlawn is the exclusive supplier of Australia’s leading brands in artificial grass, safety floor systems and rubber flooring. These brands include Wild Buffalo, Roo Grass and Jungle Rubber.
Superlawn’s Safety Flooring Solutions are Australian made and comply to Australian Standards. Our system works as a great flooring solution for child care centre playgrounds and public areas where safety is the priority and a soft fall surface is essential.
Commercial and Industrial flooring is a Superlawn specialty we have performed professional custom flooring installations to factory floors, exhibition centres and conference halls, sporting facilities and zoned areas where non slip safety flooring is a must.
If you are considering a safer alternative to swimming pool surrounds in public pools or private pools then Superlawn should be your first choice.
For a comprehensive introduction to all the synthetic grass, artificial turf, fake lawn, rubber flooring, marine carpet and commercial, industrial flooring solutions navigate your way through our comprehensive list of smarter flooring solutions. Further to the sales of flooring solutions Superlawn also offers a complete service for installation and construction on commercial, domestic and sporting applications. We have the products, we have the prices, and we have the experience over 35 years.
With Superlawn outlets on and throughout the Gold Coast, Brisbane, Sunshine Coast, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth we have you covered.

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The Grass Is Not Always Greener

Janette Hartley from KBC Interiors chose the Superlawn Candy Stripe Turf as part of her design vision for this patio setting and says, “I think it's fabulous.”.

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